This website contains information on Retired Austin Sculptures. The data is being compiled by three individuals who are thrilled with these fascinating art work and willing to help other collectors, owners dealers and those looking to buy. Please see our disclaimer and privacy policy for more information. We can help you locate, identify and provide more information on certain sculptures. You are here because you own a Retired Austin Sculpture, looking to buy one or need information; we will be happy to help.

The company responsible for these beautiful designs that brought life into our living rooms, bedrooms or gardens, seized operation and no longer produce sculptures. Most sculptures can be found in the secondary market, in limited numbers; some with little or no information. It is difficult buying a piece of art without knowing anything about it. That is why we are here to throw some light on these beauties. We are not experts on Retired Austin Sculptures, but our knowledge is worth sharing; and you are welcome to share yours with us too


Retired Austin Sculptures has series of collections specifically designed by various artists. The collection range is limitless and it spans between Museum treasures to whimsical fantasies. This play of art was what made retired Austin Sculptures one of the most sorted home decor back then. This hasn't changed so far even though these sculptures are no longer made, there are thousands of them up for grabs.

Below is a list of some collections we have identified based on research. This is not the completed list and some collections are missing. but we are doing our best to see what we can get.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a complete list nor can we claim that this is the complete collection provided to you. Please note that there are over 1,000 (one thousand) retired Austin sculptures. In fact, some are created with different finishing, sizes, designs (eg. Wall plaques,  IE Fifth Avenue is available as a wall plaque and comes in two sizes, yet, its part of  the high fashion collection). So we are publishing what we've identified.

NOTE: Collections with * are coming soon.

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  • Beth Edwards

    (July 13, 2016 - 9:47 pm)

    My mother has a statue that says “Michel Ange” on the side and “Austin Prod Inc NY 1968” on the back. It is a Roman soldier with a sword across his lap. I can’t find information or value. Can you help?

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