1975 Austin Sculpture Girl w/ lamb


This treasure often carries the description “1975 Austin Sculpture girl w/ lamb / sheep”, Klara Sever’s 1975 Austin Sculpture” or Austin Prod Girl with lamb/ sheep, etc. There are so many different descriptions that goes with it, but the sculpture is actually entitled ” Mary had a little lamb”. 1975 Austin Sculpture Girl w/ lamb
Because this sculpture is over forty years old, it’s really hard to come by one that is in pristine condition. I was really thrilled when I found this one with tags and all! As stated earlier, the sculpture is dated 1975 and it was designed by the Czech artist Klara Sever.
As you can see from the photos, the sculpture is of a young girl with a braided ponytail hugging a lamb. She’s bare feet and kneeling on one knee. It measures at approximately 11 inches high and about 9 inches from the widest point of the base.


At first glance, you can easily mistake this sculpture as one from The Bright Eye Collection. However, the first Bright eye Austin sculpture was made in the 1980s by the artist Dee Crowley. “Mary had a little lamb is dated 1975.

The sculpture is durastone and has a finishing effect of light terracotta. I came across this piece at a thrift store, but you can find others in some auction sites online. However, finding one in pristine condition won’t be that easy, as these sculptures are no longer made and this one is about forty-one years old.

Mary-had-a-little-lamb-backYet, if you are into customizing your sculptures to fit your decor, the simplistic detail on this piece make it perfect. . If you are good with arts or can find a good artists, you can redo the finishing effect that will suit you.
Sculpture Name: Mary Had a Little lamb
Artist: Klara Sever
Distributed: Austin Production Inc
Dated: 1975
Registration No: AP 1745



  1. I found one of these in at thrift store looks to be bronze color anyways good condition just wondering is it worth anything not that it matters because it’s beautiful thank you

  2. I have a Charlie Chaplin Austen productions made in 1972 with an Isner signature. do you have any information on this piece? it is approx 12″ high and well detailed

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