Spring Alexsander Danel Sculpture

Spring Alexsander Danel Sculpture

Spring Alexsander Danel sculpture is what I will refer to as a masterpiece. It’s not something from Picasso or Michael Angelo but from a Russian artist that is passionate about his creation. If you are guessing that he might be one of my favorite Austin Sculpture artists, then you guessed right! Most of his sculptures for Austin Production are really stylish; if only I had a huge budget.

spring alexsander danel sculpture

Spring is an au naturel sculpture depicting a woman stretching backwards. It is dated 1989 and it is a Retired Austin sculpture. Spring is weighs about 19.5 pounds and stands at 15 inches and about 18 inches wide. It is made out of durastone like most retired Austin sculptures; however, I am not too sure about the finishing effect. The sculpture is black all over (Please see photos) with vibrant details.

I am proud to say that I own this particular sculpture even though my piece is a little old; I still cherish it a lot. Spring is currently available on auction at ebay, but I am not sure how long that will last for. But if you are looking for it, that’s the best place to get it from. It pops up once in a while on various online and the possibility of acquiring one is not that difficult.

spring alexsander danel sculpture

I hope I am not stepping out of line but some sellers are not sure about the name of this sculpture, so you’ll need to search for the picture and not the name. I must confess that sometimes, I have the urge to contact dealers of Retired Austin sculptures with information on their piece, as they don’t do justice in their descriptions! Anyhow, the information I put up here is also for their benefits.


Spring Alexsander Danel Sculpture is not just a piece of decoration but a unique work of art. I know this as I own this particular piece and not a week goes by without acquiring a fan of this piece. I had to wrestle it off friends’ hands just last night and it has graced so many shelves (Friends who want to show off) but I won’t be letting it go. You can see a picture of my own piece below (see how worn out it is due to moving it back and forth).


Sculpture Name: Spring

Artist: Alexsander Danel

Distributed: Austin Production Inc

Date: 1989

Registration No: AP3548

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spring alexsander danel sculpture


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2 thoughts on “Spring Alexsander Danel Sculpture

  • Late

    (January 30, 2016 - 1:25 pm)

    Hi I own this pice too my father pulled it out of a skip for me she is my prized possession, I googled the name on her and found out a bit about her yet have been told she is fake ??? She has a hole on her back thigh just above the knee causing the presumption she was fake and probably mass produced ?? Any ideas if this could be true ? Xx

  • shana cook

    (July 12, 2016 - 5:03 pm)

    How much do you think this case would be worth. “Spring”

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