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afternoon stroll alexsander danel
Afternoon Stroll Alexander Danel Sculpture for Austin Prod

Austin Production Inc Retired Sculptures (Also Known as Austin Sculptures)

Austin production Inc. statues came into my life in 1998. Then, I didn’t have much interest in them and I thought they are just clusters around the house. It was until 2010 when I came across “Talking to the Moon” at a friend’s place that I actually got interest in collecting them. Sadly, it was too late as not long after that, the company shut down their reproduction. Today I am a proud owner of over 50 Austin Prod sculptures of various artists, but sadly again, I am unable to identify most of the sculptures and it turns out I am not the only one.This website is not only for my benefit, but to benefit lovers, collectors and enthusiasts of Austin Prod sculptures/statues/figurines. The company reproduced over 1500 sculptures and my little collection and what I find around the web won’t do much now, but it’s a start. Even though I cannot afford to collect all sculpture/statues/Figurines from this company, it would be nice to know more about them, their art and the nice feeling to be able to identify what you have.
With my little voice, I will encourage all enthusiasts to submit and help identify works of various artists from Austin prod Inc. I know most people would be relieved to know a little bit about the type of art they have at home.. Indeed it makes it more valuable to you. If you help others, you are helping yourself.


Austin Productions, Inc. has been setting a standard of excellence and style for over half a century. A leading manufacturer and importer that specializes in sculpture and home furnishing decor including accessories, accents, lamps, mirrors, wall art, garden decor and candles. Austin uses a variety of materials such as natural stone, metals, wood, ceramic and glass to make their products. Austin’s noteworthy selection of sophisticated original designs and re-creation of time honored classics are featured at the finest retailers throughout the world.
The company stopped reproduction in 2009 but their sculptures/statues/figurines are still available for sale, some rare, some vintage, some high on the chain as collector’s item.Feel

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