austin sculpture jazz singer

Austin Sculpture Jazz Singer can make the top 10 list of sculptures that are extremely hard to come across. I am not sure if this sculpture is limited or people who own one find it hard to part with. Well, I don’t blame them, as this Austin sculpture Jazz singer is eye catching and extremely unique. The The sculpture depicts a female singer clad in an elegant gown, clutching on to a microphone. Her posture clearly shows that she is lost in her own illusion songs. Whist this is a common posture you can find in sculptures depicting Jazz singers, this particular piece have some sort of uniqueness about it.

austin sculpture jazz singer (3)This Austin Sculpture Jazz Singer is the handy work of none other than the principal Sculptor (Austin Sculptures) Alexsander Danel. The sculpture is dated 1996, which is in tune with other musical pieces, such as Jazzy Horn, Cool Notes, Swinging Sax just to name few. We are thinking that all these pieces are a part of a collection, but we have no proof yet. The sculpture stands at 18 inches high and about 13 inches wide. As we all know by now, these sculptures are made with Durastone. What makes them unique are the finishing and /or painting effects. Antique Bronze, pearl and black finishing gives that unique look to this musical themed Austin Sculpture.

If you are looking to pair sculptures and alreadyaustin sculpture jazz singer have this Austin Sculpture Jazz singer, Jazzy Horn, Cool Notes, The Cellist or even Tango are good picks. I think I came across the set once and I will post a photo of that in our Facebook page.

Obtaining this Austin Sculpture in the re-seller’s market is not that easy. The last time I saw one was way back in 2011. There is one listed now on Ebay, but it’s a broken piece with an asking price of $90+

austin sculpture jazz singerThe thing about this Austin Sculpture Jazz singer is that its’ elegance can match any room, with a dash of grace and sophistication. Some people may refer to it stance as feminine, but it an be appreciated by everyone who will allow it to glamour them into a song.

Sculpture Name: Jazz Singer

Artist: Alexsander Danel

Distributed: Austin Production Inc

Date: 1996

 Registration No: AP 3892



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