austin sculpture la noblesse

Austin sculpture la Noblesse…… I am not even sure where to start with this one. I’ve handles sculptures that are extremely difficult to find information on; with missing dates, names, unknown artist signature or none at all. I can deal with that. However, this particular Austin sculpture comes with a little too much. Please permit me to say that this is one of the most controversial Austin Sculpture ever!  Maybe, there is another that I don’t know of (I really hope not). Yes! I have seen sculptures that don’t match the timeline as per their serial numbers, but this Austin Sculpture La Noblesse is something else.

She is extremely elegant no doubt about that with a bohemian vibe and can transform a room by her presence. But what do you tell a friend when they ask about her? It seems as if this Austin Sculpture La Noblesse was designed by two artists; David Fisher and Claude LeClerc.

As far as records go, the sculpture is listed under the artist David Fisher. Even the official Austin Sculpture Reseller listed it under Fisher. Yeah! The finishing is different but  we all know there are series of effects when it comes to Austin Sculptures. Or Maybe I am wrong? Let’s take a look at the photo below.


This was the card attached to this Austin Sculpture. The description on the card is a perfect match to the figure. The card reads ‘David Fisher”  as the artist. Well, that is almost enough for one to conclude that Austin Sculpture La Noblesse was designed by David Fisher. Then it get’s interesting. Let’s take a look at the signature on this sculpture.

That’s the signature of Claude LeClerc! Feel free to compare it with Signatures from this page or do a Google search for any Leclerc Austin Sculpture with signature visible. At this point, one has to wonder if they are holding on to art by Fisher or LeClerc. Heck! I don’t know if I should put this in a Fisher or LeClerc category.   I cannot decide! Maybe you can help me!?


However, I have a crazy theory, unless otherwise. But I think this was the last sculpture made by LeClerc before leaving Austin Production Inc and the credit was given to David Fisher? That sounds crazy I know, but Leclerc doesn’t have any sculpture after 1986. Fisher also left in 1989 after Alexsander Danel started in 1988. On the other hand, it might be a common error from Austin Production Inc. We’ve seen a lot of mislabeled sculptures (meaning different tags attached but different names are found in the catalog), misspelled names etc. This is also possible. but for now, Austin Sculpture La Noblesse is a true nobility as she is surrounded by controversies.

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