austin sculpture madame butterfly

Austin Sculpture Madame Butterfly deserves to be honored with this write-up. This sculpture was the last piece that was missing from our list for Austin Sculpture collection, High Fashion. So far, no other sculpture has been added to our current list as being part of the High Fashion collection.

Beautiful Austin Sculpture Madame Butterfly

We knew that this Austin Sculpture Madame Butterfly was part of the collection, but we had no idea what it looked like. Even though we are aware that sculptures from this collection are all black in color, there were so many other sculptures that fit the description of Madame Butterfly.

At this point, I would like to say thank you to one of our reader and a proud owner of this particular sculpture Delis Bauer. She was extremely kind enough to help identify this piece and I am truly grateful.
Let’s get the statistics right for the prestigious Austin Sculpture Madame Butterfly. The figure depicts a young fashionable lady, standing in a sedate position with a dress shaped like a butterfly. The length of her hair is up to her waist. I don’t know if it takes a special eye to see that her dress is shaped like a butterfly, but that’s exactly what I see. The huge bow at the neckline and the pointy tail at the back. You can view photos of Madame butterfly here.

She stands at 29 inches high (measured from the base) and about 10 inches wide. Finishing and painting effect is of Blue bronze, which makes it uniform for the high fashion collection sculptures.

As far as we know, the high Fashion Collection is complete with the addition of Austin Sculpture Madame Butterfly. We cannot officially confirm that this is the complete list, so if you are out there reading this and know something we don’t please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sculpture Name: Madame Butterfly
Artist: David Fisher
Distributed: Austin Production Inc
Dated: 1988
Registration No: AP 3521


  1. Favulous – I think I have one if the high fashion collection – spring I’m not sure if it is real or fake. It looks like blue bronze is dated 88 but has a small hole at the back of it. She looks very similar to Madame butterfly I wonder if they are based on the same lady ? I’d love to know more

    • Yes! I know the sculpture Spring, but I strongly believe it’s not part of the High Fashion collection. For starters, it doesn’t fall in the fashion category. It is Au natural. Secondly, I have studied these sculptures closely and the base on all from the collection are the same. That of Spring is different.

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