austin sculpture margaret

Austin sculpture Margaret was designed by Alice Heath and it is dated 1988. This uniquely designed sculpture is part of one of the most popular collection known as the Victorian collection. All sculptures within this collection was designed by Alice heath and as the name goes, each and every sculpture depicts the lifestyle of a middle or upper class 18th century person.

austin sculpture margaret

The Austin sculpture Margaret is made out of Durastone (like all Austin Sculptures) with a finishing effect of Antique terracota. As already stated, the sculpture is dated 1988. It stands at 29.5 inches high and if measured from the base, it is about 9 inches wide. The signature of the company and that of the artist can be found at the base.

Let’s take a look at the flawless design of the unique Austin Sculpture Margaret.

Margaret’s beautiful Victorian dress is decorated with pastel pink ribbons around her chest and towards the hem of her dress. Her straw hat has a simple bow that comes together at the back of the brim. Her arms are gently wrapped around a basket full of pastel pink and blue flowers. Margaret’s facial expression is enough to ponder your thoughts… Is she waiting for someone?austin sculpture margaret

As we all know, these sculptures are not made anymore. They can only be purchased from art dealers and thrift stores, on and off line. However, this Austin Sculpture Margaret, is not that has to find as it has been spotted several times online. I cannot give the total amount that has been sold online over the past five years, but at the moment of writing, there is still one available on ebay.


In terms of the value it may vary, depending on the condition of the sculpture.


Sculpture Name: Margaret

Artist: Alice Heath

Distributed: Austin Production Inc

Registration No: AP 3525

Dated: 1988


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