austin sculpture romance

Austin sculpture romance came to me as an inspiration after reading a very interesting fact about (from one of you) a matching pair of Austin Sculptures. I am just a simple girl and I provide information on sculptures if I have it. But the information I provided this time, has some sort of significance in someone’s life! I am thrilled and touched. Even though I had this in mind, I have to say that email as an ass kicker.

Austin sculpture Romance will simply showcase series of sculptures that were designed, with the other pieces in mind.  They always look extremely good together, and in most cases, carry certain similarities. For instance, some have the same finishing effect or designed the same year or the figures depictions are the same or slightly altered.

Let’s take a look at five of these Austin sculpture soulmates, for starters.

  1. The Golfers We are going to kick off with this well known traditional golfer’s sculptures,  Plus Fours and Birdie.If you are thinking of pairing sculptures, these two are the perfect catch. Considering they are not that hard to come by in the secondhand market. Let’s take a quick look at their features.- They were both released in 1989
    – Both designed by Alexsander Danel
    – Finishing effect is of Multi -Bronze
    – Both stand at 16 inches high.The registration code for Plus Fours is AP 3545  and Birdie is AP 3580. These sculptures represent the same theme which golf and I must say they set the scene for the perfect Austin Sculpture Romance.

  2. The Night Owls
    I call them the Night owls, but they are actually a collection known as The Sophisticates. All dressed up to the nines and ready to light up some city, is this dude with the top hat  “On the Town” and the flapper lady “Night Out“. There is no doubt that these two were made for each other. They are the only two sculptures we know for the artist Micheal Katok and also happen to be a collection.
    – They are both dated 1986
    – Finishing effect is of Multibronze for both sculptures.
    – They are set around the same theme: – Nightlife.
    – Designed by the artist Michael Katok.
    – On the Town is 23 Inches high and Night out is 22 inches.
    – Registration code for On the Town is AP 3423 and Night out is right after, AP 3432.You can call them soulmates as these two are the very few Austin Sculptures with similar themes, designed the same year right after each other (in terms of registration code) and a matching pair.

  3. The Dancers
    You may or may not know these sculptures, but they are not dancing alone. Since this is the first time for me to mention them, I will give a little more information based on what I have. The names of these sculptures are Male and Female Dancer. Both designed by an artist we only know as Muci. We haven’t collected any other information on him/her. These sculpture are unique and rare pieces not that easy to come by, especially the Male Dancer.  I am not sure how many was made in number, but I know that this sculpture is very fragile. The painting effect comes off easily living an undesirable red structure. Maybe that’s the reason why it’s so hard to come by.
    Let’s check out the features of these sculptures.
    – Both dated 1987
    – Both designed by the same artist
    – Male Dancer has a warm Silver finishing effect whilst Female Dance has a Silver finishing effect (The colors are slightly different).
    – Both Sculptures are 22 Inches high.
    – Registration code for male Dancer is AP 3454 and Female Dancer is AP 3475.
    – Both depicting dancers even the postures are almost the same.
    Please note that the Male dancer’s painting effect in the photo is altered as it was repainted due to damage. The original effect is a lot lighter than what you see here.

  4. The Fashionistas
    When it comes to Austin Sculpture Romance, these two are well known. I don’t even think I need to introduce them anymore considering how popular they are. Here is Fifth Avenue and Black Tie! The Austin Sculptures that are too hot to handle in terms of fame and fashion. These sculptures were released again in 1991 after a previous release in 1989. I haven’t seen another Austin sculpture with the release date so close. Another thing, Fifth Avene has a wall plaque. I am still waiting for the owner to grant permission for me to use a photo. It’s a stunner. If you don’t already know that these two Austin sculptures are part of a collection, please read about High Fashion Collection.
    Their Features:
    – Both Designed by Alexsander Danel
    – Release Dates are 1989 and 1991
    – Blue Bronze Finish with black Base, giving it that Matte finish look.
    – Registration code for Fifth Avenue is AP 3529 and Black tie is AP 3540.
    – They are both sculptures from High Fashion Collection.
    Please note that when they were re-released in 1991, the came in smaller sizes 918 inches) I think and I can confirm that Fifth Avenue has a different registration code. So it’s possible or must I say expected that the Mini Black Tie will have a different code too.

  5. The Cigar Lovers It’s a little hard to tell the difference between these two sculptures. Possibly that’s just me because I am not familiar with smoking stances 🙂 At first, I honestly thought they were the same. The second time around I noticed one was female and the other male Ha! John Cutrone’s life cast art always interest and intrigue me. For this Austin Sculpture Romance, I present Havana (male) and Panama (Female) the perfect pair one can own.In the Image above, Panama is left and Havana is right. The features are as follows:
    – Both Austin sculptures were designed by John Cutrone
    -Both have finishing effect of Silver, Bronze, Red and are standing on a black base.
    -They are both approximately 18 inches high ( Havana a little over)
    – they both depicts a smoker but with a slightly different stance.
    – Havana is dated 1996 with registration code AP 4063 and  Panama 1997 with code AP 4103.By just looking at these two Austin sculptures together, no one else needs to say they are not meant for each other.There are series of other Austin sculptures that are matching pairs but are not bookends. They just stand well together with similar features and themes.

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