austin sculpture to mother with love


austin sculpture to mother with loveClaude LeClerc’s Austin sculpture To Mother with love, depicts a common affection between a mother and her children. This beautiful molded piece is mounted on a wooden base and its simplicity yet unique form makes it a subtle décor for any home. The effort placed on this piece by the artist, makes it an outstanding piece that somehow tells a story of motherly love.
This unique Austin sculpture, to mother with love stands at 15 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Seen from the photos, it stands on a brown wooden base and finishing effect is of light terracotta. When this sculpture was out of the box, it had a golden plaque attached in front of the wooden base. You’ll find the sculpture’s information inscribed on it (name and year). Unfortunately, due to wear and tear, this piece doesn’t have the plaque anymore. It is dated 1978.

Even though this Austin sculpture to mother with love is about 36 – 37 years old, yet it carries a timeless ambiance and it’s a star Deco in some homes today. Love and affection between a mother and her children is one thing that never goes out of fashion, which is exactly what this sculpture depicts. One thing to note is the children. Most people assume that its two girls, but the figure clinging to the mother’s skirt is actually a boy. The artists Claude LeClerc sometimes apply his ceramic techniques on his sculptures and this piece was not an exception. You can see the emphasized made on the sleeves and skirt of the mother’s gown.austin sculpture to mother with love
In terms of availability, most of us already know that these sculptures are no longer made. They can be found on Ebay, Etsy and other sites that trades in collectible and vintage home decor or sculptures.

Sculpture Name: To Mother with love

Artist: Claude LEClerc

Distributed: Austin Production Inc

Date: 1978

 Registration No: 2004




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