Austin Sculptures Fantasy & Romance Collection

The Austin Sculptures Fantasy & Romance Collection consist of enchanting pieces that every homeowner could be proud of.  So far ( as per our records) there are twelve sculptures in this collection and we were able to identify each and every piece. As always, it is possible that there are more Austin Sculptures out there belonging to this collection, but we do not have any confirmation. At the moment, it is safe to say that the Austin Sculptures Fantasy & Romance Collection consists of twelve sculptures.

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The collection was designed by Alice Heath and the list of sculptures within this collection are below together with the registration codes.

Sculptures Codes
La Femme Fleur AP 3566
Fantasy Flight AP 3567
Sea Whispers AP 3576
Memories AP 3579
Swan Lake AP 3610
Wuthering Heights AP 3830
Guardian Angel AP 3831
Gothic Romance AP 3832
Basking in the Sun AP 3836
Talking to the Moon AP 3837
Wishful Thinking AP 3838
Star struck AP 3874


On the certificate attached to each sculpture from this collection, you will find the following text

Austin offers Fantasy and romance, here from her enchanting sculpture collection, Alice Heath takes her place among the new romantics. Giving each sculpture not only exquisite detail, but a whisper of a woman’s inner spirit. Freed from everyday life enjoying an inner world of reverie.

Unlike other Austin Collections, the dates vary on each sculpture ranging from 1989 – 1992. However, all sculptures carry a similarity in the finishing effect which is pearls.

To summarize, we can say Austin Sculptures Fantasy & Romance Collection:

  • was the handiwork of Alice Heath
  • each Sculpture has pearl as part of it’s finishing effect
  • each figure depicts a fantasy/romance

You can find the description on some of these sculptures in the catalogue we are putting together. More information will be added for other sculptures within this collection in the near future.

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