the bright eyes collection

The Bright Eyes Collection happens to be one of the most popular sculptures from Austin Production Inc. Even with the company no longer functioning, one is able to find a sculpture with ease from the Bright Eyes collection series.

As far as we know the Bright Eyes collection holds over 200 sculptures, Each and every piece was designed by the artist Dee Crowley and distributed by Austin Production Inc. The start date was 1983 with the sculpture Basket of Joy. We are not so sure about the end date but have seen Bright Eyes sculptures with the year 2000 printed on them.

We have identified hundreds of these sculptures from The Bright Eyes collection, but more work and research need to be done in order to tackle some of the errors found on some sculptures. The important thing is that we were able to pinpoint some of the mini-series within this collection.

Here are the series we’ve already identified.

BE 21 – BE 26 are sculptures from a collection known as The Baby Bright Eyes Collection. It is possible that there are more sculptures in this mini-series but our records stop at BE 26. This means that BE 27 – BE 29 are unknown pieces.

Bright Eyes Baby Collection

BE 48 – BE 59 is part of a mini-series known as Bright Eyes Christmas Collection. All sculptures depicting child/children at Christmas time. All sculptures identified.

BE 60 – BE 70 is also part of a mini-series called Bright Eyes Holiday Collection. Each sculpture represents various holidays around the year and all sculptures identified.

Bright Eyes Hat Kids mini-series starts and BE 101 as per our record. This is that largest so far in The Bright Eyes collection. However, it’s hard to track the sculpture by the registration codes as there are sculptures not belonging to the series mixed in the count. For instance, BE 101 – BE 124 is the Bright Eyes Hat Kids collection. BE 125 is not part of this mini-series, but part of the bright eyes collection.

There is one strange thing about this collection. The sculpture BE 13 cannot be found no matter where I look. It only brings me to the conclusion, that BE 13 wasn’t made. As people say 13 is a bad number. Not sure if the artist was superstitious (Hahaha)

We are still collecting information on these sculptures, so if you have nay that might help, especially sculptures from after 1997, please contact us.




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