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List of Austin sculptures by artist
1975 Austin Sculpture Girl w/ lamb

1975 Austin Sculpture Girl w/ lamb

  This treasure often carries the description "1975 Austin Sculpture girl w/ lamb / sheep", Klara Sever's 1975 Austin Sculpture" or Austin Prod Girl with...
austin sculpture jazz singer

Austin Sculpture Jazz Singer

Austin Sculpture Jazz Singer can make the top 10 list of sculptures that are extremely hard to come across. I am not sure if...
austin sculpture to mother with love

Austin sculpture To Mother with love

  Claude LeClerc’s Austin sculpture To Mother with love, depicts a common affection between a mother and her children. This beautiful molded piece is mounted...
austin sculpture margaret

Austin Sculpture Margaret

Austin sculpture Margaret was designed by Alice Heath and it is dated 1988. This uniquely designed sculpture is part of one of the most...