Ce soir

Austin Sculptures Ce Soir and Petit Ce Soir are one of the same. If you own one of the two, you are not missing much with the exception of the differences listed below. Also, we discovered a little error in the form of a misprint on this sculpture. there is nothing to be alarmed about and it is hardly noticeable unless you spend hours looking for clues and information on various Austin Sculptures.

Ce Soir Features ( Similarities)

Let’s take a look at the features of the  Ce Soir Austin Sculptures. The Ce Soirs are an ultra stylish couple. sculpted in the form of a bust. The man is dressed in a fancy jacket with a bow tie to boot whilst the lady has on a low-cut dress. They are locked in some form of side way embrace. The finishing effect for both Austin Sculptures is Sliver and Antique Silver.

Ce Soir Differences

Ce Soir – For starters, the name. This particular Austin Sculpture is dated 1989 and it is a larger piece that stands at 25 inches high and approximately 16 inches wide. See image below to confirm how the date was printed. The registration code for this sculpture is AP  3549.

Petit Ce Soir – Named ‘Petit’ because of the size. This is the smaller version of the same sculpture ( no alteration on the design) and it is dated 1990, in some cases (we will get to this later). This sculpture stands at 13 inches by 11 inches. It has it’s own registration code AP 3587. The date and artist signature can be found below.

You will notice that the date and signature of the artist swapped positions, but there was no alteration in signatures pattern for that period. However, we’ve noticed that there are series of editions for this sculpture over the years. For reference, I will refer you to this post identifying Austin Sculptures and Artist Signatures.  Please note that both sculptures were designed by Alexsander Danel.

The Different Signatures

This was found on a Sculpture dated 1989. If you take a look at the signatures pattern, it doesn’t match the date. Signatures like these can be found on sculptures from 1991. Then again, the measurement of this sculpture points to Petit Ce Soir.

I couldn’t find another sculpture dated 1990 with this print above, so I am open for debate on this topic. However, let’s proceed to the most interesting signature find.

The signature that says “Austin Sculpture 1987” with “Danel” in monogram form. We are all aware that these form of signature did not surface until the 90s which is ok. Also, we are aware that series of Austin sculptures were produced again in later years. That is also ok! What puzzling, is the date, 1987. Well as far as records go, the start date for this artist is 1989, based on his works. I have never seen a sculpture by Alexsander Danel dated before 1989!! Again, I am open for debate on this issue. If you have a sculpture with Danel’s signature on it that is dated ealier than 1989 (with the exception of the Ce Soirs), contact me.

Since this is a re-release, we can only chuck it down to a printing error. Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below.

This article was written for the benefit of people who own this sculpture and think it is fake or something is wrong with it. Thanks to all who assisted in the research.

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