High Fashion Sculptures Mystery

Fifth Avenue Austin sculptures come in two sizes and two different forms. I am aware that some people may be confused (like I was years ago) about the dates and measurements, especially with the standing sculptures. It was a high Fashion collection mystery, but it won’t be after this revelation.  I guess I better get right down to it then.

I was happy I came across all versions of sculptures (Fifth Avenue) this past week and was able to put together which is which. Even though I have been told before that there are various series of  Fifth Avenue Austin Sculptures, I never had the opportunity to see them all together.

Let’s take a look at different versions of Fifth Avenue which is also one of the most popular in the Austin collection, High fashion.

  • Fifth Avenue 1989 Austin Sculpture version

Fifth Avenue Austin Sculptures

Indeed this Austin sculpture comes in two different sizes and has different dates on it. The first piece was released in 1989 by the artist Alexsander Danel. The registration code for this particular Austin sculpture is “AP 3529”. This sculptures measures at 30 inches high and 14 inches wide. The finishing and painting effect is blue bronze. Of course, it stands on a black base.

  • 1991 Austin Sculpture version

Despite the change of date, the styles of this Austin Sculpture was maintained. It still is a fashionista, with the same painting and finishing effect but with different registration code and dimensions. The Austin Production code is AP 3635 and the dimensions are 17.5 inches high and 6.3 inches wide.

The differences between these two sculptures are the dimensions and the signatures (See pictures below for signature). The signatures of Austin production Inc and in some cases the artists are altered every decade. The signature you find on a sculpture in 1989 will not be the same in the 90s. You can take a look at this article on Retired Austin Sculptures Artist Signature to compare.

High Fashion Sculptures Mystery

  • Fifth Avenue Wall Plaque
  • This particular sculpture was fashioned out of the head and shoulder of the previous piece. The finishing effect is slightly altered to fit the form. The plaque is dated 1991, but the card it came with doesn’t have the registration code. However, the card contains the name and a profile snippet for the artist Alexsander Danel. I have included a photo below showing an area of the standing Sculpture and the wall plaque.
  • Black Tie also carries some similarities(in terms of sizes) with fifth Avenue. Yet, I haven’t seen a wall plaque for it and I am not even aware if one exists.

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