austin sculpture the brooch large fashion bust

This large fashion bust wasn’t part of my plan today, but I found it unfair if I don’t let this beauty be known. It has been referred to by many names, even once transferred to Alice Heath as the artist. so I have no regrets putting aside the ballerina article for a while and address this beauty.

This beautiful large fashion bust (as most call it)  is known as The Brooch. I have been chasing this name since 2012 when I first saw it but to no avail. I was really delighted to find the correct name for this Austin sculpture to complete the information already collected on it.

The Brooch was designed by Alexsander Danel and it is dated 1990. This sculpture stands at 24 inches high (almost two feet! No wonder they call it the large fashion bust) and about 11 inches wide from the base. The painting effect is of silver and antique silver, let’s not exclude the black base at the bottom. Sculpture support is very important after all.

The figure is a fashionable bust (no doubt about that) and it is draped in some sort of fur shawl or coat and it has a brooch on it’s nicely done hair. If I don’t know any better, I would say it is showing off the diamond studded brooch on her hair! Yes! The details of studs are nicely imprinted on this piece.

There have been series of this sophisticated large fashion bust popping up over the years, but no one knew the exact name of this Austin sculpture. I remember receiving series of emails wanting to know the name, but then, I had no clue either. After a series of research and old catalogs, we can finally address this beautiful sculpture crafted by the trained hands of Alexsander Danel, it’s rightful name, THE BROOCH!

You can see more photos here

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