We are still collecting various retired Austin Sculptures artist signatures and if you have a sculpture with a different signature from the list blow, please contact us with a picture of it so we can add it to our database here.

The sculptures are no longer made, but they are available in the market for sale and in most cases, people are not aware of what they are selling, have or want to buy. We are putting this data together for the benefit of these people and those interested in Retired Austin Sculptures.

Please note that pictures displayed here are taken from various sculptures we own, sculptures from readers of this blog and those we find with art dealers. Some of the artists’ signatures you find here may not have a short biography added to this site yet, as we can’t find it, but we are doing our best to get them up.

Retired Austin sculptures artist signatures is a step forward in identifying the sculptures, but not entirely. Please see the post identifying Retired Austin Sculptures for directions on how to do so. Please note that some information on certain sculptures may be a little difficult to find these days, especially sculptures from the 60s to early 90s. However, we are doing our best to find information on as many as we can.

In this post, you will find signatures of various artists and signatures of Austin Production INC throughout the years. Please see the various photos below and take some time to read the description that goes with them. Feel free to comment or contact us.

Collection Of Retired Austin Sculpture Signatures. These inscriptions you will find on several sculptures, depending on the year it was made.

retired austin sculptures artist signatures
Austin Sculpture Signatures

Artists Signatures

retired austin sculptures artist signatures
Signature from the Kinder Collection- Artist Caroline Kinder

Arnorld Bergere’s Signature taken from the sculpture "Naked Embrace

Karin Swildens Signature.

Signature Of Claude LeClerc

Not much information ha been found on this artist. However, you can find his signature on the sculpture Truth Seeker and others

An artist we only know as Muci. Most popular sculpture is called “Female Dancer

Alice Heath Signature from the 80s

Another signature from the 80s taken from a terracotta based sculpture

Alice Heath signature found on sculptures from the 90s

Klara Sever’s signature found on sculpture from 70s and 80s

Another Sever signature you can find mostly on sculptures from the early 70s

Signature you find on sculptures designed by S. Romo. He redesigned several Austin Sculptures which were original by artist, such as LeClerc. Apparently S. Romo is a pseudo name

Alexsander Danel signature found on his sculptures from the 80s

Alexsander Danel Signature found on Sculptures from the 90s- 2000

Signature you will find on sculptures designed by Wyland Galleries. Apparently, they shared rights with Austin Production Inc

I found this Fisher signature on he sculpture Vogue II.I checked the certificate it came with and the sculptor of this piece was stated as ‘Felix Fisher’ So far, I haven’t seen any record of this artist, so I am adding it along side David Fisher’s signature.

David Fisher signature found on sculptures

Signature from an artist know as Martel. This was taken from “Wedding Ring” sculpture

Signature of J. P Renard. Most of his popular designs are Au naturel figures.

Displaying two signatures of De cesar it looks different on each surface.

Signature of Harvey Edwards. Most of his sculptures are of dancer

Eduardo Fritz signature from The colorific clown collection

This signature I got from Charlie Chaplain Figure. Not much information on the artist yet

Signature taken from the sculpture Isis, a reproduction. The sculpture carries the signature of the original artist

Dee Crowley’s Signature. Artist responsible for the Bright Eyes Collection

Signature of an artist known as Eug Mariston. This signature was taken from the sculpture known as “La Grace”

Signature of John Cutrone. Famous for his life-cast pieces. Most of his works are featured on famous shows.

Signature of Jerome Cox. Artist of the famous Austin Sculpture known as “Body and Soul”

Ecila’s signature. Actually Alice spell backwards. Pseudo name for Alice Heath. All sculptures by this artists are of African Americans.

Signature of Tasos Syntelis, American- Greek artist. He was an artist for hire during the early days of the company”

I believe the texture or material used on these sculptures made the signature of this artist looked different. Signature taken from limestone and silver finish. Cuautli’s signature. Still researching this artist.

I believe the texture or material used on these sculptures made the signature of this artist looked different. Signature taken from limestone and silver finish. Cuautli’s signature. Still researching this artist.

Signature taken from a mother and child sculpture. Artist signature G. Peters

Signature on Acoma Sculptures

Signature taken from the sculpture "Kneeling Nude". Artists name Mort Malkin

Signature of Maxfileld Parish

Signature taken from Embrace II by Boris Roberman

Signature you can find on sculptures from The Peanut collection

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